The Fastflow Group has developed the QUEST management system designed to facilitate our commitment to establishing and achieving objectives based on the needs and aspirations of our stakeholders, the quality of our services and overall customer satisfaction.

Fastflow’s management team are committed to maintaining a corporate infrastructure and culture that encourages and supports the quest for business excellence and continuous improvement. We achieve this by ensuring that quality is given equal weighting with all other business objectives, providing appropriate resources to maintain required quality standards and maintaining a competent workforce who have the perception, capability and desire to strive for business excellence.

The Managing Director holds ultimate responsibility for quality within the Fastflow Group and he has appointed a Business Standards Director to facilitate and monitor the operation of this policy. All employees are encouraged to communicate any opportunities they have identified for quality improvements to their line manager or to other managers or directors.

Fastflow’s commitment to stakeholder satisfaction is particularly focussed on customers throughout the supply chain, including internal customers, clients and clients’ customers. Fastflow’s lineage as a utility infrastructure service provider created by UK and European multi-utility parents facilitates a keen appreciation of the need to carefully manage the impact of our business on the day-to-day activities of customers and society in general. Consequently, Fastflow’s QUEST system places particular emphasis on customer care and contains a separate customer focus policy.

Fastflow’s system complies with ISO 9001:2015 certificated by The British Standards Institute (certificate number EMS 655759). The scope of registration is:

The design, development and provision of utility infrastructure installations, rehabilitation, repairs and maintenance. The permanent reinstatement of highways.

We are committed to continuous improvement and compliance with national and international business standards including the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS), the Gas Industry Registration Scheme (GIRS) and the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS).

This policy statement and all other quality documentation will be reviewed at least annually and revised as necessary. Revisions will be made in the light of new legislation, stakeholder feedback, changes in operating practices and specifications and new technology. 

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