We have designed and European-patented an innovative trunk mains cleaning system which reduces cost, downtime, disruption, risk and environmental impact whilst ensuring water purity well within the allowable limits.

Our end to end service includes design, planning, civils, cleaning and restoration.

The main advantage over more traditional, jet cleaning methods are the specialist tools - capable of operating over distances of up to 1,000 metres, resulting in fewer excavations and pipe interventions.

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High quality images sent from deep within the line enable our specially trained technicians to carry out a thorough assessment of the condition of the main and develop a detailed cleaning and repair plan.

The unique 12 nozzle spray head, with its adjustable, revolving head and spring loaded arms - which enable it to negotiate 90° bends - travels through the pipe at around 1.2 metres per minute, cleaning in a single pass. The process is non abrasive - maintaining the integrity of internal linings – and is tried and tested over 80 kilometres of 300mm – 1,245mm mains.

Impressively it uses just 72 litres of water per metre of main cleaned compared to the 3,500 litres consumed by traditional pigging methods.