We fully appreciate the benefits to be gained from effective supply chain management and seek to engage with suppliers of goods and services who share our corporate values and goals. We follow the concept of forming partnership arrangements to promote efficiency and recognise that there are mutual benefits in developing and maintaining long-term relationships.

Subcontractors and suppliers are selected on the basis of capability to supply goods and services to the appropriate standards, including ethical and social responsibility. We maintain a register of suppliers who have a proven ability to provide goods and services that consistently meet specified requirements. Performance is monitored and reviewed to ensure the register remains accurate. Goods and services will be procured from theses suppliers.

We seek to procure from sustainable sources (e.g. timber from sustainable sources and solvents with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content).

We specify procured goods and services fully and accurately to ensure effective usage and reduce or eliminate wastage, goods returns and to avoid poor quality installation, requiring rectification and general supply chain dissatisfaction. We procure materials to the correct quantities and quality to avoid waste and reduce the carbon footprint created by manufacture, transport and storage of surplus goods.

We endeavour to procure goods and services from sources with known ethical standards to prevent exploitation of labour and ensure that the environmental impact is minimised. Wherever practicable we obtain goods from local sources to reduce the impacts of transporting and encourage local enterprise.

Whole life costs and the life cycle of goods is wherever possible considered in the procurement process.

Goods are stored in a manner that facilitates safe handling, prevention of deterioration, ease of retrieval, identification of shelf life and the prevention of contamination.

Outsourcing of services is controlled following the same principles as described within this policy.