Fastflow recognises and accepts our responsibilities to limit our effect on, protect and, where possible, enhance the environment. We achieve this by ensuring that care for the environment is given equal weighting with all other business objectives, providing appropriate financial and physical resources to maintain required standards and maintaining a competent workforce who has the perception, capability and desire to strive for business excellence.

The management of Fastflow have systematically evaluated the environmental risks and concerns associated with our activities. It has established procedures for the setting and reviewing of environmental objectives and targets. Evaluation of Fastflow’s activities has demonstrated a relatively low-risk profile, particularly with the organisation’s predominant use of trenchless technology. We nevertheless constantly strive for continuous improvement in environmental performance.

To achieve this management systems have been adopted that aim to protect the environment and minimise the disruption brought about by the nature of the works we undertake. The system has been developed to meet the standards described in ISO 14001: 2015 “Environmental Management Systems”. Certificate No: FS655758BSI Assurance ISO 14001 2015

The Managing Director holds ultimate responsibility for care of the environment within the Fastflow Group and he has appointed a Business Standards Director to facilitate and monitor the operation of this policy. All employees are encouraged to communicate any opportunities they have identified for environmental improvements to their line manager or to other managers or directors.

Fastflow will maintain awareness of, and are committed to ensuring compliance with, relevant environmental legislation and regulations and any other requirements or obligations to which we commit ourselves.

Fastflow will measure and monitor environmental performance and are committed, where practical, to continual improvement and the prevention of pollution.

Fastflow will provide the necessary training and support to staff to ensure that they are able to fulfil the requirements of this policy. Employee’s targets and rewards will be set to ensure that environmental protection will be given equal weighting with other Company objectives.

Fastflow will co-operate with our clients and others to support them in achieving their environmental aims.

We recognise that we have a corporate responsibility towards society and we will conduct our business it a manner consistent with due respect to all stakeholders.

This policy and associated information is communicated to all employees by training, newsletters, personal letters and distribution of QUEST manuals. It is also freely available to all interested parties, on request.

This policy statement and all environmental documentation will be reviewed at least annually and revised as necessary. Revisions will be made in the light of new legislation, stakeholder feedback, changes in operating practices and specifications and new technology.