Customer / client awareness and care is at the heart of Fastflow’s business ethos. Every employee’s induction training specifically addresses customer care and our systems contain specific measures for assessing, delivering, monitoring and reviewing customer issues. The pro-active management of the interface with customers affected by our works is an integral part of the planning and operation of any contract we undertake. Our aim is to offer more than is contractually required so that clients can feel confident that their standards will not only be achieved, but exceeded.

The nature of Fastflow’s activities requires an approach specifically aimed at addressing the needs, aspirations and concerns of clients, their customers and all other stakeholders. It is crucial to the success of our organisation that we fully understand these requirements and deliver services in a manner that satisfies both the physical and the psychological aspects of what is perceived as ‘good service’.

We summarise our approach in our Customer Satisfaction Code of Conduct based on ISO 10001:2007 and our philosophy is simply summed up with four ‘A’s’:

Ability, Awareness, Application and Attitude

Ability Fully trained, experienced and capable technical and customer-facing employees from first-line site operatives to senior managers. Good inter-personal skills. Work completed to specification, right first time and on time
Awareness Full understanding of the organisation, the contract and the project. Have all the required information, specifications, contacts and programme requirements to meet customer needs and provide accurate information. Informed decision-making and the provision of accurate information to customers
Application Execute duties and responsibilities in a committed, professional manner. Provide a value for money service. Work tidily and ensure programme dates and times are achieved. Minimal disruption and impact on the environment. Efficient and effective service delivery.
Attitude Courteous, empathetic, problem-solving and responsive to customer needs and concerns. Calm and professional approach to dispute resolution. Positive-thinking and a caring disposition. A desire to be a ‘good neighbour’ and operate in a ‘right first time, every time’ manner. Positive perception of the services provided and an enhanced client reputation