Fastflow’s mission is to be a leading utility infrastructure service provider supplying innovative, sustainable and cost-effective services in a collaborative, proactive, fair and responsible manner. Our aim is to conduct our business ethically by establishing and maintaining long-term relationships to make a positive contribution to society with full regard to all stakeholder interests.

Fastflow has a clear view of its corporate responsibilities, which are integral to the way we conduct business.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to use our resources and expertise for the benefit of stakeholders, not only of our key stakeholders such as customers, clients, employees and shareholders, but also for the wider community.

We use the established approach, using the ‘people / planet / profit’ model, which we describe as:

  • Social: the impact we have on our stakeholders and the wider social systems.
  • Environmental: the impact we have on natural resources and processes, including ecosystems, land, air and water.
  • Economic: the impact we have on the economic circumstances of our stakeholders and on economic systems at local and national levels.

We work hard to balance social, environmental and economic priorities to ensure that, whilst maintaining economic sustainability, the environment is protected and society is enhanced.

Our mission statement, policies and working practices reflect this approach and its emphasis on stakeholder interest.

This policy is reviewed annually by Fastflow’s Board and is available to all stakeholders


Read here the FGL Anti-bribery and corruption policy as at 27 January 2017