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How your business can benefit from ESOS | SMARTflow Energy Services

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme is the mandatory energy assessment scheme for large enterprises. The deadline of compliance is 5 December 2015.


Companies with more than 250 employees, a turnover in excess of €50m, and an annual balance sheet total of €43 million are mandated to have completed a compliant energy audit to identify energy saving opportunities before December 2015. 

  • We aim to make it easy for you. SMARTflow will help you to achieve ESOS compliance by providing simple guidance and an informative survey
  • Our ESOS auditors are among the most skilled in the UK and can deal with small or large multisite complex organizations in an easy, friendly and helpful way
  • Should you choose, we can also help you move forward and implement the energy saving opportunities described in the audit, without it costing you money
  • Sounds simple doesn’t it? That’s how we prefer it


A key outcome of a completed ESOS report is that you will gain an understanding of the level of energy, carbon and cost savings that can be made if the recommendations are implemented.

  • We can do this for you, without impacting your balance sheet
  • The financial costs of the energy saving measures can be recovered directly from the savings the efficiency measures create
  • They are, in the most literal sense of the phrase, paying for themselves
  • Even the ESOS report cost is fully refunded upon implementing the proposal

We are not limited to lighting and boilers – plant and production equipment can be considered too. This may have a real impact on production efficiency, further maximising the benefits available under the proposal. On-site generation is also considered, with many premises being suitable for solar and biomass and other forms of renewable energy generation.


If the recommendations of the ESOS report are implemented, annual energy costs could be reduced by as much 40%. However the benefits don’t end there:

  • Enhanced levels of business profitability leading to increased competitiveness
  • Reduced Carbon emissions, improving environmental credentials
  • Minimised ongoing exposure to the volatile energy markets
  • Improved building stock and working environment

These benefits are available without any investment required, completely off balance sheet and without any risk to our clients as the savings identified are guaranteed and insurance backed.

Contact us for a no commitment friendly chat, to learn more on how our national team of ESOS accredited lead assessors can help with your compliance audit and also maximise the efficiency of your assets, by reducing your cost base and increasing energy security for your business.


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