Site Trials for Northumbria Water

Following the successful cleaning of 1.06km of 36” steel bitumen lined mains for Northumbrian Water Ltd’s (NWL) Trunk Mains Cleaning Trials in Morpeth in September / October 2007, Fastflow were requested to clean a further 3.63km.

The cleaning work was carried out to the south of Morpeth in Northumberland and included individual cleaning lengths in excess of 630m – all lengths were cleaned in a single pass. NWL‘s initial analysis revealed pipe deposits ranging between 1 – 8mm thickness, consisting of Iron, Aluminium and Manganese.

In addition to the challenges posed by numerous bends and severe gradients, substantial volumes of residual water (following the decommissioning of the mains) had to be removed from the main prior to cleaning.

The work was successfully completed at the end of November 2007, 10 days ahead of schedule.

Initial water samples taken during chlorination have shown that the extent of cleaning has far exceeded Northumbrian Water’s minimum specification.