Northumbrian Water has passed its special thanks onto Fastflow following their rapid response to a major burst in Newcastle that could have resulted in huge disruption to the city centre.


It was 04.30 am on a recent Saturday morning when Northumbrian Water received a call that there had been a major burst in Northumberland Street, one of Newcastle’s busiest thoroughfares. On arrival they knew there was a major problem with the amount of water that was running down this, the city’s main shopping street, with only a short time before it would fill with shoppers.

They knew they had to take swift action and the first was to call Fastflow’s Site Agent, Steve Todd, on emergency standby that night. They explained that they were working against the clock and asked for a crew to attend as soon as possible. They would also need Fastflow’s reinstatement specialists to make good the footpath that had been damaged by the large volumes of water escaping and a mechanical road sweeper to clean the street.
This was all achieved safely, professionally and in time to clear the area before the shops opened.

peopleTrevor Jobling, Northumbrian Water’s manager in charge of the emergency has contacted Fastflow’s management team to say: “I would just like to say we pulled it off. Thanks to a well organized team supplied by Fastflow Pipeline Services we had the burst repaired and all paving put right and cleaned to avert major disruption.”

The rapid response meant the work was completed swiftly and safely by the combined Northumbrian Water and Fastflow team, leaving the area clear and ready for the day’s city centre crowds. A clear case of fast reaction to maintain water and crowd flow.